Looking Back at 2015: A Year in Review

best selfie everWow. What a year. So much has happened this year it’s almost impossible for me to sift through it all in my head. Almost all of it has been incredibly good as well, which is bizarre, amazing, and sort of scary. Hopefully that doesn’t mean next year will be full of disappointment to restore a balance to things – I think I’m okay with things remaining lopsided in my favor. Continue reading

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[Personal] Looking Back at Past Game Conventions I’ve Attended

gdc2015Today, I make the trek down to the sunny, smelly, and mostly terrible (in my opinion) Los Angeles, CA for the “big show” of the gaming universe: The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3! This is my first time ever attending, and as a member of the gaming press no less, even though it’s my third year in a row of being invited. Personal issues kept preventing me in the past – but not any longer! Today, I am officially driving down and registering for E3! Continue reading

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[DevBlog] Down the Rabbit Hole of Game Journalism…

down-the-rabbit-holeThe theme for this year’s Write a Game (WAG) Challenge was announced to be “Down the Rabbit Hole” earlier this week. They’ve also selected the three optional subthemes: empathy, mistaken identity, and birth. Overall, this is a really solid topic with plenty of room to work with and I think I have an idea that will both appeal to my target audience (gamers and industry professionals) as well as anyone that happens across it. Continue reading

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[DevBlog] I’m Going to Participate in the Write a Game (WAG) Challenge!

GDD clipartI’m a Writer. The great thing about being a writer, is that there are so many different types and so many different subcategories within categories. It’s crazy. Regardless of whether or not you write blogs, scripts, web articles, newspaper columns, books, games, or something else entirely, there is one common thread: you’re still a Writer. Luckily, I’m a Writer that also gets to put the job title of “Writer” on his resume and online profiles as his primary occupation and full-time source of income. Freelance writing augments that as well. A lot of people resort to writing strictly for creative pursuit, but I think turning your passion into your career , at least in some way, shape, or form, is the best path to happiness. Continue reading

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[DevBlog] So, I’ve Been Dabbling in Game Development

game design word cloudThis is my first “devblog” of any sort, so it’s probably going to come off as more of a ramble at this point. Basically, I’ve been poking around and dabbling with Game Maker for a few years now. Dating back to when it still had numbered entries with each new edition and wasn’t part of YoYoGames, I was loosely involved with the program. Granted, I never did much more than just poke around and make incredibly boring and terrible little games – but it’s experience, nevertheless, I guess. Continue reading

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