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Confession: I’ve Never Completed the Main Quest in a Bethesda Game

This is something I am not particularly proud of, seeing as how anyone that knows me well could tell you that Skyrim and Oblivion are two of my most favorite games. I have sunk well over 200 hours into the … Continue reading

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Sine Mora Review – Smooth and Deadly (PSUni)

We have been reviewing a lot of scrolling shooters lately with Under Defeat HD and Big Sky Infinity preceding this game, but it’s not on purpose! Also, like Black Knight Sword, Sine Mora is a game from Suda 51 and Grasshopper. However, unlike that game, … Continue reading

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Tomb Raider Will Not Be “Better” than Uncharted – PSUni

The word is out: Lara Croft is apparently going to have a better game than Nathan Drake. The genius predictors cite things like her games originally innovating the genre itself and the beautiful new game she is set to star … Continue reading

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The Video Game Survival Guide to The End of the World – PSUni

If the Mayans are correct, the world will (or did, depending on when or if you read this) on December 21st, 2012. While we have survived many doomsday scares in the past and there really isn’t proof that anything is … Continue reading

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My Top 5 Games of the Year – The Koalition

This year has been a big one for gaming across the board, with tons of great titles released throughout the entire year and not just in the Fall rush. With the new year and promise of new games on the … Continue reading

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