The Adventure Begins!

Adventure Begins

Hello world! This is the debut of my official writer/personal/gamer blog. If you are stumbling across this from a random corner of the internet, then welcome to my little hole in the wall. If you know me personally and happened across this, then welcome as well!

I write about video games. I also play a lot of video games. A lot of the time, I even write about the video games I am playing. I’ve written all kinds of news stories, reviewed tons and tons of games (some indie games, downloadable games, AAA games, you name it,) I’ve interviewed industry veterans, I’ve done video production like reviews and livestreaming and have written many editorials/opinion pieces on the industry as a whole. I like to consider myself a well-rounded writer.

The purpose of this blog will be to introduce readers, like yourself, to me as a person and as a writer. This blog will also serve as a compilation of my experiences in the industry and as a portfolio of my work.

I look forward to writing here more and more frequently – my adventure begins!


About David Jagneaux

Games Editor at UploadVR and freelance game journalist for various publications.
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