Mass Effect Trilogy Review – All Three Games on the PS3 at Last – PSUni

ME TrilogyMass Effect is one of the best and most engaging video game franchises of this or any generation, I don’t think many people would dispute this claim. Bioware not only created believable characters in a believable universe, but they let you create and take control of your own vision of Commander Shepard.

One of the best things about the games was the ability to create your Shepard in the first game, play through it and make all of the decisions and choices, and then go directly into the second game with the same character and have all of your choices carry over. This was true for the third game as well. At this point, these games stopped being singular entries and the universe was seamlessly strung between all three of the games in the franchise. This is why this moment is so important for the PS3.

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Games Editor at UploadVR and freelance game journalist for various publications.
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