Sine Mora Review – Smooth and Deadly (PSUni)

Sine Mora SliderWe have been reviewing a lot of scrolling shooters lately with Under Defeat HD and Big Sky Infinity preceding this game, but it’s not on purpose! Also, like Black Knight Sword, Sine Mora is a game from Suda 51 and Grasshopper. However, unlike that game, it’s not entirely full of quirkiness from start to finish. The game will have you scrolling horizontally, dodging all kinds of bullets, missiles and projectiles and embarking on some type of time-bending quest across various different locales.

For me, this game’s largest (and really only) misstep is the fact that it tries too hard. Instead of developing a light-hearted, quirky side-scrolling shooter with wonderful gameplay, beautiful presentation, and tons of enemies, they made that game and tried to shove it into the mouth of a “serious” story mode. I’m not saying the narrative told here isn’t worth experiencing – it’s done well and the Hungarian voice overs add a bit of zazz into what could have been an overly boring experience – it just feels so out of place that it’s not enjoyable.

Check out the full review here.


About David Jagneaux

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