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Gamer Update 1/31 – Keeping Busy

It’s been a while since my last Gamer Update (over two weeks to be exact) and I have been pretty busy as of late. With my day (and actually, sometimes night) job and class taking up a lot of my … Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLVII Madden NFL 2013 Preview – The Koalition

Super Bowl XLVII is fast approaching here in the United States, which is essentially a national holiday on the same level of Winter holidays like Christmas, New Year’s or anything else. Us Americans love us some football and we also … Continue reading

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Five Upcoming 2013 Games Ruined by Multiplayer – The Koalition

First of all: we know these games are not out yet and we have not played them. We cannot say with certainty that the multiplayer aspects will “ruin” them, but our informed opinions and personal insight into the industry seem … Continue reading

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DmC Devil May Cry Written and Video Review – Angelic Demon Slaying

Dante has undergone a complete redesign of his character with a new hair style and everything – he is looking very emo these days. DmC Devil May Cry is the latest entry in the popular action-game franchise and is a … Continue reading

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Top 5 Free PC MMORPGs to Play in 2013 – The Koalition

Free games aren’t new to the PC gaming scene by any means, but in recent years they have continued to grow more and more popular. With Steam’s whole-hearted acceptance of the genre, especially in the free-to-play space, it’s no surprise … Continue reading

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