Podcasts – Places Where You Can Listen to My Sweet, Sweet, Monotone Voice

podcast imageI have been forgetting to post the podcasts I appear on here on this blog, so I figured I would just go through and do a big blowout of topics and whatnot in one giant post, then post individual ones in the future. There are three podcasts that I appear one, two of which I am a regular and one of which I show up on when the schedules align appropriately (I don’t feel like sifting through them all to see which ones I was on for this one, so I will just direct you to a few of them.)

Turn Based, The RPG Podcast (The Koalition)

This series is the baby born from the minds of myself and Gary Swaby (check out his work on The Koalition and The Epic Network.) He has been one of my best friends over the past couple years and shares my love for the genre. So, we decided we wanted to have a way to discuss RPGs in a structured (for the most part) way and have had a lot of fun doing it. It’s been tough to keep the show regular (his time zone is 6 hours ahead of mine, after all) but we do our best.

ni no kuni screenshotThe basic format consists of what we have been playing at the time, recent news for the genre, a spotlight on one of our favorite games followed by an upcoming games to look out for segment. This was the basic format we have tried to continue following.

Check out the full list of episodes right here:

Homeroom, The PlayStation University Podcast

spec ops imageAfter I took over as Dean/Editor-in-Chief of PlayStation University an overhaul in writers and content focus was of course needed, we are still working on getting a new theme together and I also knew we needed a podcast to connect us to our (coming in due time) fans. Typically we try and focus discussions on deeper issues in the gaming industry and avoid regurgitating news topics that everyone has head already, but instead engage in in-depth discussions and debates on important topics. Check them out:

The Co-Op Podcast (The Koalition)

This is The Koalition’s longest running podcast and I have been on a few episodes, but I will not list them all here because I am not a regular on the show. Here is the latest episode, that discusses a lot of trends in gaming today, looking forward to 2013 and discussing the value (or lack of value) in Sony market moves like PlayStation Plus. Check it out!

Versus Podcast (The Koalition)

This podcast has not been contributed to as much as of late, but it is a lot of fun. Basically, it’s a topic that leads to a debate/argument and they tend to get pretty heated sometimes. I have been on two episodes:

There you go, you have tons of places to listen to my voice talk about stuff, so you should go check it all out!


About David Jagneaux

Games Editor at UploadVR and freelance game journalist for various publications.
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