Chris King from Paradox – Q&A Session on March of the Eagles

march-of-the-eagles-logoParadox Interactive is set to release the first entry in a new strategy simulation game for the PC soon known as March of the Eagles. The game puts players right in the middle of the Napoleonic War that takes place from 1805-1820. Paradox Interactive describes the game as: “March of the Eagles is a wargame covering 1805-1820, when a Corsican boy used maddeningly clever new tactics to bring all of Europe to its knees. The Napoleonic War is brought to life in this war-focused strategy game and players will take control of any one nation in this geopolitical bar fight, dispatch armies and envoys, raid supply lines, form coalitions and get with the times, already. Because one thing’s for sure- Napoleon’s Grande Armeé is coming, and he’s not interested in second place. Though he might have to settle for it, if he’s just one guy in a multiplayer battle where the rules of the fight and everyone’s allegiances shifting with the seasons. It’s strategy as mud wrestling, that’s what it is.”

Check out our full Q&A with game designer Chris King below for all of the latest details on March of the Eagles. Make sure to also check out our hands-on preview right here (once live) to see what we think of the game and how it shapes up!

Read my full Q&A right here >>


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