Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Review (The Koalition)

hyperdimension-neptunia-victory-featuredParody is a difficult concept to master, no matter how long you’ve been doing it. Consistent and even funny parody does not necessarily make it good or thoughtful parody, which is the ultimate problem facing Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. The fifth installment in the Sony exclusive JRPG franchise stays in line with the series’ traditions of poking fun at itself and even the game industry as a whole, often in very funny ways, but the core game at the heart of it all is just not as deep or engaging as I was hoping for, which could have really pushed this one over the edge.

Neptunia Victory is not a bad game though; it’s a passably average game that could have been a lot more. The world of the game is in a land called Gameindustri and tasks Neptune and her various anime-style scantily clad female companions on an adventure to save their worlds. Dialogue and story progression winds up being 80% idle chatting and banter instead of meaningful or thought-provoking plot development. Clearly the game is not meant to be taken seriously and is actually quite funny in a lot of aspects, but to what benefit?

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About David Jagneaux

Games Editor at UploadVR and freelance game journalist for various publications.
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