Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall DLC Review – Same Game, Different Assassin

knife of dunwall picBethesda and Arkane Studios delivered one of the best games of 2012 with Dishonored. You can read my original review right here to see why I thought it was so fantastic, but suffice it to say that the world, atmosphere, characters, gameplay and in some parts the story all combined to create an original and engaging experience that provided me with one of my favorite games from last year. With the release of Knife of Dunwall, the game’s first true story-based DLC, they’re hoping to expand that world and let us look over the dilapidated streets of Dunwall with a new perspective. While it stays true to the base game and remains incredibly, it ends up feeling like they cut it in half in order to release the second piece later this year.

Knife of Dunwall begins by placing the player in the role of Daud right from the start – beginning with the assassination of the empress. Unlike his usual targets, Daud feels regret and has remorse for what he did. From this point the Outsider sends you on a hunt to uncover some mysteries and flesh out the lore of the world a bit more, but it ends up feeling a bit disjointed.

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