Life Update 8/1/13 – I’m a Big Boy Now

fallout 3 birthdayIf you’re one of the (generous estimate here) five people in the world that have visited this blog, then you’ve probably noticed how little I have been posting things lately. Well, believe it or not, I have a reasonable explanation for that! It involves lots of good things for me personally and hopefully professionally.

While I want this blog to remain a place for me to post and write about my adventures as a gamer and game journalist, this information below is a bit more personal. However, that’s because it’s directly relevant to my career overall.

1) I Graduated From a Place

Back in August of 2009 I began my journey at the University of North Texas. I first trekked off into the familiar world of politics, continuing my career on the debate team and finding marginal amounts of success. Wielding lots of experience speaking, studying and researching all of those wonderful things, I was convinced Law School is where I eventually belonged.

Soon, though, I started to recognize the difference between doing something because you legitimately love it and doing something because you’re not bad at it and you feel pressured. I left debate and took up a second major without ever looking back – Professional and Technical Communication. Since, I graduated in May of this year (2013) with two degrees – Political Science and Professional and Technical Communication and I couldn’t be happier!

2) Series of Events Following Graduation

The month or so following graduation was one of the busiest times in my life, ever. I had a couple job interviews, got offered two, turned both down due to low pay. Went on vacation to Hawaii with my entire family, had an amazing time, then my girlfriend of several years (we met online and I’ve visited her several times) finally got to come visit me in Texas. I was then offered a second interview at one of the jobs I turned down with the promise of more pay, I moved back home to live with family and save up money, accepted the job and now I’m here!

3) Working Full-Time and Finding Time to Write

This has been a huge struggle for me in the past month, as it is very difficult to balance working 40 hours a week and find time to play games and write. As such, there has been an extreme lack of content from me on the sites you’ll find my name, especially The Koalition. As I move out of the “learning” phases of my life, I’m trying to move more towards paid freelancing assignments, which means writing less for The Koalition at this time.

However, I still plan on reviewing plenty of titles for the site to keep me active and have several planned to be posted in the coming weeks, more on that in another post.

4) What’s Next?

For now, I’ll continue working at my new job and writing as much as I can. I’ve sent in a feature pitch to Polygon and if I get the green-light on that, it would be a huge step forward for my career.

For now, it’s time to just let life sail its course.


About David Jagneaux

Games Editor at UploadVR and freelance game journalist for various publications.
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