I Am Officially Attending E3 2014!

e3 bannerAfter working my butt off the past few years, it is all starting to officially pay off! One of my greatest childhood dreams is coming true this summer, as I found out that I will officially be attending the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, aka E3, aka the Super Bowl of the gaming industry! I’ve attended lots of smaller conventions/events already (Gen Con Indy, QuakeCon, SGC, MLG) but nothing on the level of E3 yet. My allegiance will (predictably) be as a Senior Editor with The Koalition, so I look forward to promoting the green and black across Los Angeles. Also, here is my proof:

e3 confirmation email

It doesn’t stop there, though, as I am not the only member of The Koalition that gets to go this year! I’ll be joined by our Editor-in-Chief, Richard Bailey, and two of our top staff writers, Jakejames Lugo and Garrett Glass. I’ve never even met Richard and Jakejames, so this will be a great moment on a personal level as well.

I can’t wait to get to the convention and meet all of my other peers and co-professionals in the gaming industry – I’ll be wearing my (figurative) networking hat and be ready to work!


About David Jagneaux

Games Editor at UploadVR and freelance game journalist for various publications.
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