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EverEmber Online Preview – Charming Beginnings

Out of all the game genres out there, MMOs are probably the least represented in terms of independent game development. Truly, it makes sense. MMOs typically require massive amounts of resources, 24/7 attention, and a deeply dedicated core team of … Continue reading

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Valdis Story: Abyssal City Review – Stylish Action Platforming

When you find out a game was funded through Kickstarter, it will typically illicit one of two very different responses. If the game has not released yet, people usually express skepticism about the probability of the game seeing the light … Continue reading

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Check out my first five freelance contributions for Stealthy Box!

As a lot of people that like to keep up with me might know, I’ve recently in the last year or so began doing paid freelancing work for a few different sites. The most recent addition to my repertoire is … Continue reading

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Titanfall Beta Preview – Next-Gen Shooter or Call of Duty with Robots?

Every new console always has that one huge title that everyone looks forward to – the system-seller, as it’s called. Everything is lining up for inFAMOUS: Second Son to be that game for the PlayStation 4, for the next Super Smash Bros. to be … Continue reading

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South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

The only possible way to describe my reaction when I heard a South Park RPG was in the works, would be to call it cautious optimism. Obviously, combining two of my favorite things is a recipe for success in most … Continue reading

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