EverEmber Online Preview – Charming Beginnings

screenshot3_t2Out of all the game genres out there, MMOs are probably the least represented in terms of independent game development. Truly, it makes sense. MMOs typically require massive amounts of resources, 24/7 attention, and a deeply dedicated core team of developers. However, sometimes a handful of people are able to find workarounds for issues and create something that they can be proud of for a small, yet active, community – such is the case with EverEmber Online.

Before setting foot in this charming little world, be warned: the game is still very much under development and is very indie. I don’t mean indie like a lot of the multi-million dollar projects you see on Kickstarter, I mean indie as in a team small enough that could easily fit at a single dinner table together. Graphical assets appear to be largely comprised of RPG Maker resources, the engine is based on Eclipse Origins, a relatively popular 2D MMORPG engine, and overall the team was able to cut many corners that would normally bottle neck a small group.

My full review is over on MMORPG>>


About David Jagneaux

Games Editor at UploadVR and freelance game journalist for various publications.
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One Response to EverEmber Online Preview – Charming Beginnings

  1. A fun guy says:

    Nice job man, like the post! Keep it up! Ohh, check out EE again, lots of new stuff!

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