Life Update – 6/3/2014 – Big Move and Big Changes

welcome to californiaThe past few weeks have been a blur for me. Lots of great news, some not so great, but enough things have happened to make me feel like posting about it on here. In order to understand these changes though, it’s important to understand that I have been in a committed long-distance relationship with the girl of my dreams for several years now – we met online as teenagers. 

That being said, it’s been very difficult. Dealing with the distance is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but we made it through somehow. After working for a while to save up and money and get ready, I have finally made the move.

That’s right – in the past couple months I have interviewed for and secured a job in California prior to even moving to the state, saved up lost of money, left my previous job, moved halfway across the country into a nice, spacious apartment, and started my new job – tomorrow will officially mark my first full week. I am a Writing Specialist for a company called GuideSpark. Most importantly to me though, is that Valleri and I finally live in the same state!

What this means for me in terms of writing, has been mostly a shift of focus. I know that the game industry is my dream career and I am still pursuing it, of course, but I have had a lot of time to think as of late, which has led me to a few decisions. Consider these my half-year resolutions. Some of these choices are old news for me, some are very recent –

  • I will not be attending E3 this year. Given the timing of when I started my new job, it was not feasible for me to request a whole week off to attend a gaming convention. Also, until I get paid from my new job, money is very tight. I will just have to chalk it up to next year, again.
  • I am going to commit to writing on a much more consistent basis.
  • I am going to refocus the writing that I do in a way that makes the most sense professionally and financially. This means more focus on freelancing, pitching ideas, and expanding my repertoire.
  • I am going to review less games and play more games simply to enjoy them – I want to focus on writing about the industry as a whole, not specific game reviews as much, unless they are actually paid, of course.
  • I am going to start working on my own games and learning different platforms, programs, and languages by getting involved in different indie game dev communities and competitions.
  • I am going to leverage my advantageous change of location to the Bay Area to broaden my network and expand my opportunities within the gaming industry.

There you go. Whether or not I can follow through with all, most, or some of these decisions remains to be seen, but I am dedicated. I can finally see my woman on a regular basis, I am eating more healthy, I have my own place again, I joined a gym, and I am happier than ever. I’m more focused and more motivated than ever before.

It’s time the gaming industry prepare itself, because I’m done messing around.


About David Jagneaux

Games Editor at UploadVR and freelance game journalist for various publications.
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