Lots of New Editorials at Stealthy Box

watch_dogs_12For a while now, I have been contributing to Stealthy Box on a weekly basis with weekend editorials. I have written close to a dozen of them now, if not more, and I am not going to post a massive backlog here, but I will share the last 4 as a point of reference.

Which Game Genre Will Define the PlayStation 4? – http://www.stealthybox.com/game-genre-will-define-playstation-4/

Why the Contact War is the Best Direction for Mass Effect 4 – http://www.stealthybox.com/first-contact-war-best-direction-mass-effect/

When Will Developers Leave Last Generation Consoles Behind? – http://www.stealthybox.com/developers-leave-last-generation-consoles-behind/

The Empty Value of Video Game Pre-Orders – http://www.stealthybox.com/empty-value-video-game-pre-orders/




About David Jagneaux

Games Editor at UploadVR and freelance game journalist for various publications.
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