Life Update – 5/24/15 – Tons of New Freelancing Updates!

david cgmagOne of my resolutions for this year was to really ramp up how much paid freelancing I would do, specifically related to writing about games. As it turns out, I am definitely living up to that so far. Not only have I been writing more than ever before, but I’ve been making more side money than ever before as well.

I’ll break down what my freelancing looks like right now for different sites:

  • Of course, I’m still writing for The Koalition. I don’t do any regular news writing, editorials, or very much podcasting for them any more, but I typically contribute one or two reviews a month to stay active with the site and if I can’t get something published anywhere else, I’m always willing to write for them instead. I’ll also be covering E3 for The Koalition next month – it will be my first time attending! So that’s super exciting.
  • I’ve been writing for MMORPG for over a year now, so none of that is really new, and I continue to write the weekly List column (well, 3 out of 4 weeks in a month, at least) and will soon be starting up a new column that I’ve been kicking around  in my head for a while now. So hey, that’s pretty exciting!
  • Then there’s Pixelkin. It’s not a very well-known site and has a super niche audience of primarily parents that aren’t very informed about games, so it’s a very different type of writing from what I’m used to. Right now, I have an interview feature with a husband/wife indie duo published on the site, as well as a personal essay about coping with the loss of my father when I was young by playing video games. My next article will focus on violent games and how they can increase moral sensitivity. It’s a cool gig and pays very well, it’s just not a whole lot of work yet, unfortunately.
  • I’ve also started writing for Paste Magazine (website) lately. My first piece there was a list article, then I wrote a long op-ed piece about Virtual Reality tech at GDC, then I got to review Pillars of Eternity for them. I have another op-ed going up any time now as well. It’s a cool site and a nice option for stuff that’s more thoughtful and formatted like an essay, rather than traditional games media stuff.
  • Finally, there’s also CGMag. I can definitely see myself writing a lot for this site (and magazine) this year. I’ve written two game previews, 1 review, and an op-ed about Silent Hills and P.T. so it’s been a lot of stuff in a short period of time. I also have my first ever story in a print magazine that will be published in their upcoming issue – it’s all about the future of gaming and Virtual Reality, with interviews and everything.

Oh! And I set up a Contently Portfolio. I’ve decided this blog is going to remain as a purely personal space, with the occassional story update or link, but the Contently will become the new front-facing and updated list of my best clips and pieces. Check it out here.

So yeah. That’s a lot of stuff, huh? I’ve also gotten really great and constructive feedback in the past few months from bigger outlets like GameSpot, GamesRadar, USGamer, and others. My big breakthrough is coming soon – I can really feel it.

What all have you been up to lately?


About David Jagneaux

Games Editor at UploadVR and freelance game journalist for various publications.
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