[Personal] Looking Back at Past Game Conventions I’ve Attended

gdc2015Today, I make the trek down to the sunny, smelly, and mostly terrible (in my opinion) Los Angeles, CA for the “big show” of the gaming universe: The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3! This is my first time ever attending, and as a member of the gaming press no less, even though it’s my third year in a row of being invited. Personal issues kept preventing me in the past – but not any longer! Today, I am officially driving down and registering for E3!

As is to be expected, my schedule is just absolutely insane. I’ll be attending pretty much all of the press conferences, including Bethesda’s tonight on Sunday, Microsoft, Sony, and probably EA and Ubisoft tomorrow on Monday, as well as a short AMD conference Tuesday morning and the big PC Gamer Show Tuesday evening. Then I also have 20 appointments spread across Tuesday – Thursday for two different sites. Suffice it to say I am ready to do some work for sure.

If you want to keep track of me at E3, what I’m doing, etc. then the best way to do that is to follow me on Twitter here. Now I want to reflect on each of the past game conventions I have attended and talk about what each of them meant to me.

  • GenCon 2011 – This was not only my first convention that I covered for The Koalition, but it was the first convention of any kind that I attended. This thing was pretty massive and took place over the course of several days. The awesome thing about GenCon is that it’s not just about video games, in fact, video games are probably the least represented type of game there, as there is a huge focus on tabletop gaming like Dungeons and Dragon, board games like Settlers of Catan, and card games like Magic: The Gathering. There was so much to do and see, I had a great time.

  • QuakeCon 2012 – This one was great because it was super local, featured some of the most respected and well-known companies in the industry (Bethesda and id primarily) and was the first time I really felt like a member of the gaming press at an event. I got to play a private press demo of games like Dishonored and DOOM III: BFG Edition, which was just awesome. I also did some on-sight interviews. This was a great way to get my feet wet with more specific gaming coverage.

  • MLG Fall Championships 2012 – This one was a bit odd for me. Competitive gaming, eSports, MLG, and all of that is still not something I am fully on board with and I’m not really tuned into that culture, but it was a great experience nevertheless. Seeing so many people incredibly passionate about games was awesome and the level of talent on display was incredible. I got some great contacts from this event.

  • SGC 2013 – The ScrewAttack Game Convention is cool because it is, similar to PAX, hosted by a site for the fans. There was a huge indie gaming presence and I went with a fellow Koalition writer and school friend, Garrett Glass. We had a great time, previewed a lot of awesome games, and saw some sweet panels. Plus, there was some seriously impressive cosplay on display here.

  • QuakeCon 2013 – The following year, I attended QuakeCon once again. This time, I made sure to hit more of the bigger moments such as the keynotes, stage demos, and other such events. I also went to the expo floor more and walked around the gaming area where people were enjoying their massive LAN party. The cool thing about QuakeCon is that it’s very focused on PC gaming, which is great to see. I also got to do a pre-release hands-on preview of The Elder Scrolls Online, which was all kinds of awesome for a big TES fan like myself.

  • StocktonCon 2014 – I attended this convention as more of a fan, not really as press. I went with my fiance for a single day, we sat in on a panel about harassment of cosplayers, talked to people, walked around the booths, saw some amazing cosplay, and admired all of the awesome art. I bought a few things as well, so it was cool to attend and not worry about press-related topics as much.

  • Game Developers Conference 2015 – This is the biggest one I’ve been to so far. It was a huge industry event full of big names and big companies. There was a ton of cutting-edge virtual reality technology on display, I met a ton of people, made a lot of friends, and really took advantage of attending this conference. It was a great opportunity and was the perfect thing to do a few months before E3 to get ready.

There you go. The history of my convention attendance all in one place! Now, it’s time for me to attend the Super Bowl.


About David Jagneaux

Games Editor at UploadVR and freelance game journalist for various publications.
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