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[DevBlog] I’m Going to Participate in the Write a Game (WAG) Challenge!

I’m a Writer. The great thing about being a writer, is that there are so many different types and so many different subcategories within categories. It’s crazy. Regardless of whether or not you write blogs, scripts, web articles, newspaper columns, books, games, or … Continue reading

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[DevBlog] So, I’ve Been Dabbling in Game Development

This is my first “devblog” of any sort, so it’s probably going to come off as more of a ramble at this point. Basically, I’ve been poking around and dabbling with Game Maker for a few years now. Dating back … Continue reading

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EverEmber Online Preview – Charming Beginnings

Out of all the game genres out there, MMOs are probably the least represented in terms of independent game development. Truly, it makes sense. MMOs typically require massive amounts of resources, 24/7 attention, and a deeply dedicated core team of … Continue reading

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Four Game Review Updates!

As is usual on this blog, I have gone a while again without much updating. Working full-time, writing on the side AND blogging isn’t exactly easy to do! Anyways, lots of cool things to talk about though, so I’ll just … Continue reading

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Arcen Games Interview – A Valley Without Wind 2, Shattered Haven Details

I had the chance to have a big discussion with Erik Johnson, Pablo Vega and Josh Knapp from Arcen Games! We discuss the intricacies of A Valley Without Wind 1 and 2, Shattered Haven, their backgrounds as developers and much … Continue reading

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