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New List Column at MMORPG.com!

That’s right, I am now the writer of MMORPG’s weekly “The List” column – trading off every 4th entry with another writer. That means 3 guaranteed paid freelance articles, plus any other work I can pick up from them – … Continue reading

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EverEmber Online Preview – Charming Beginnings

Out of all the game genres out there, MMOs are probably the least represented in terms of independent game development. Truly, it makes sense. MMOs typically require massive amounts of resources, 24/7 attention, and a deeply dedicated core team of … Continue reading

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Top 5 Best Free PC MMORPGs to Play in 2014 – List AND Video!

There are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands, of free-to-play MMORPGs out there in the world. Each and every year more and more get released which makes it harder and harder to keep track of which games are truly worth your … Continue reading

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Neverwinter Shadowmantle Preview

Neverwinter is undoubtedly one of the most popular new MMORPGs of 2013 and easily solidified my preemptive assumption that it would be the #1 free-to-play MMORPG this year. While it is anything but truly original (it is based on decades old lore and … Continue reading

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Features on Two Big Upcoming MMOs

I like MMOs. I play them a lot and I love knowing all about the latest and greatest that the genre has to offer. As such, I was hotly anticipating every grain of information surrounding both of these upcoming MMORPGs … Continue reading

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