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Review Queue for the Rest of August

The flood of new AAA game releases has already begun in full force. Over the next couple weeks I’ll have reviews up at The Koalition for several of the most anticipated games of the season, at least for their target … Continue reading

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Features on Two Big Upcoming MMOs

I like MMOs. I play them a lot and I love knowing all about the latest and greatest that the genre has to offer. As such, I was hotly anticipating every grain of information surrounding both of these upcoming MMORPGs … Continue reading

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Nice Variety of Review Updates

I’ve sharpened my digital pen on a few different types of topics this time around. First up is a game that ended up receiving the lowest score I’ve ever given a game – 25/100. For clarification, at The Koalition, 50 … Continue reading

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AD&D: Against the Slave Lords Module Set Review – Old School Greatness

Back in 1980 at GenCon XIII, Wizards of the Coast debuted the original set of Slave Lords modules for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. They were used as part of the tournament and each of the four original sections were designed … Continue reading

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Interstellar Marines Hands-On Early Access Preview

If there were a dictionary of game terms, the phrase “early access” would not describe the state of Interstellar Marines – a more appropriate term would be “severely unfinished and questionably ready for the public.” When you look at what’s … Continue reading

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